Modern Slavery Statement

Lifcon Medical Solutions UK Ltd.

Unit 7-D, City Trading Estate Icknield Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B16 0PP

At Lifcon Medical Solutions Ltd. we are committed to upholding ethical standards and ensuring that
modern slavery and human trafficking have no place in our business or supply chains. This Modern
Slavery Statement outlines our approach to address and prevent these practices in accordance with
the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

a. Organisation’s Structure, Business, and Supply Chains:

Lifcon Medical Solutions Ltd. is a healthcare equipment provider. Our supply chains extend to UK, our
suppliers include ERGEA and QUEST medical.

b. Policies in Relation to Slavery and Human Trafficking:

We have established comprehensive policies and procedures that explicitly prohibit modern slavery
and human trafficking in all aspects of our operations. Please refer to our

• Employee code of conduct • Recruitment policy • Anti-slavery policy

c. Due Diligence Processes:

To ensure compliance with our policies and legal obligations, we conduct rigorous due diligence
processes within our business and supply chains. This includes assessing our suppliers’ practices,
their labour standards, and compliance with relevant laws.

d. Risk Assessment and Management:

We recognise that certain parts of our business and supply chains may carry a higher risk of slavery
and human trafficking. As part of our on-going efforts, we have identified these areas and taken
proactive steps to assess and manage those risks effectively.

e. Effectiveness and Performance Indicators:

We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our measures to prevent modern slavery and human
trafficking. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are established to measure our progress and
effectiveness. These indicators are regularly reviewed and updated as needed.

f. Training and Capacity Building:

We are dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking
among our employees and suppliers. Regular training and capacity-building initiatives are conducted
to equip our staff with the knowledge and tools to identify, prevent, and report any potential instances
of modern slavery.

At Lifcon Medical Solutions Ltd. we remain steadfast in our commitment to combat modern slavery
and human trafficking. This Modern Slavery Statement reflects our dedication to transparency and
continuous improvement in eradicating these heinous practices from our business and supply chains.


Muhammad Ali Karim

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